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The Wavelet Center for Ideal Data Representation (IDR) is a consortium of nine institutions involved in wavelet research. The goal of the Center is to develop new theories and technology for data representation based on redundant multiscale / wavelet representations, and to serve as a national center for the entire wavelet community. A primary component of the project are the application areas in image and signal processing, large scale computation, and computer graphics.

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Funding for the Wavelet IDR Center is provided through the National Science Foundation via the KDI Initiative and ITR Initiative. Additional support is provided by AT&T-Labs and by the WARF Foundations at University of Wisconsin.

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Office, Members, and Collaborators


Amos Ron, Coordinator
Anna Gilbert, Associate Coordinator
Steven Parker, Coordinator Assistant
Melody Bakken, Secretary
Ginny Werner, Secretary

The Wavelet IDR Center
Computer Sciences Department
University of Wisconsin - Madison
1210 West Dayton Street
Madison, WI 53706


Subteam Leaders
Ingrid Daubechies Ronald DeVore David Donoho Yannis Kevrekidis
Michael Orchard Amos Ron Peter Schröder Walter Willinger

Members at Large
Carl de Boor Emmanuel Candes Anna Gilbert Robert Sharpley
Wim Sweldens Thomas Yu Denis Zorin

CBCL Albert Cohen Ronald Coifman Wolfgang Dahmen
Nira Dyn IMI NuHAG Zuowei Shen
Martin Vetterli

Postdocs and Students
Ofer Benyona Fehmi Cirak K. Drakakis Woody Folsom Zhenguang Gao
Tran Gieng Remi Gribonval Sinan Gunturk Igor Guskov Bin Han
Olga Holtz Xiaoming Huo B. Karaivanov A. Khodakovsky A. Kountchev
J. Krishnan John Lane Ofer Levi Adi Levin Xiujiang Li
Nathan Litke M. McDonald Morten Nielsen Chunliang Pan Steven Parker
G. Petrova Alex Petukhov D. Radulovic Olof Runborg Todd Sharpley
S. Shvartsman Jean-Luc Starck N. Stefansson K. Theodoropoulos Julia Velikina
Jade Vinson Zoe Wood Ozgur Yilmaz Jungho Yoon


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